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Mobile and Park home Services

Mobile and Park home

Due to the fragile sub-flooring in mobile and static homes, cleaning your carpet through traditional methods (such as steam cleaning) is not recommended. In fact, thousands of homes have been ruined by trying to do so. This gives a difficult dilemma given that the short spaces are generally used more often and get dirty and unsanitary quicker. Thankfully however, we have the solution. Our professional team with their specialized equiptment know just how to handle mobile homes to give the best possible clean without the risk of any damage to the structure or anything else.



The carpets are the obvious starting point. Having your carpets cleaned on a regular bases releases the fibers and conditions the material giving it a longer life as well and looking, smelling and feeling like new.



No need to stop at the carpets, the upholstery, furniture and mattresses will need to be cleaned periodically in the same manner. In fact, similar techniques are employed to furnishings as your carpets, so you can rest assured that the best job is being done with 0 risk to your home.

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