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Sofas & Upholstery Services

Sofas & Upholstery

Sofas get dirty, that's a given, but they don't have to stay that way. Thousands of people every year needlessly throw out their furniture just because it has become dusty, dull or stained. A professional clean by one of our certified technicians can restore your upholstery leaving it looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Stains? No Problem!

Stains? No Problem!

Almost anything that enters your sofa can be removed, given that it is attended to in a timely manner. Don't even think about buying a new one until you've spoken to us. Chances are, we will be able to remove every trace of the mark whilst refreshing the entire piece within just a couple of hours.



Our cleaning techniques are designed to prolong the life of your furniture, as well as keep them looking great. Just like your mattress, sofas and other furniture can contain all kinds of bacteria, dirt and insects which will be eating away. Our deep cleans work throughout the piece, not just the surface.

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Our Professional Cleaning Company provides domestic & commercial carpet/upholstery services from the following branches: - Abingdon - Andover - Bath - Chippenham - Cirencester - Devizes - Hungerford - Kidlington - Malmesbury - Marlborough - Midlands - Newbury - Royal Wooton Bassett - Stroud - Swindon - Trowbridge - Witney -

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